Skill and Roles
Business Owner and Director
Founder of Holy Cult
Startup Strategy Consultant
Marketing Expert
Martial Artist

Biography and Mission

Luca Torzolini is an innovator in the field of publishing, art business and film production / distribution. In art field, Luca is film director, photographer and writer. After having founded Holy Eye magazine (and before Re-volver Magazine), Holy Expo gallery, Holy Edit publishing house and Holy FilmDistribution, he directed many documentaries about internationally renowned personalities in the field of art, philosophy and science. Luca created series of events called “Light and Darkness” (first edition in Macro museum in Rome) which he invites each person to get to know himself through the inner and phenomenal journey to convert their demons to light through martial arts, meditation and the fighting against the influences of the stars, the contaminations of the "electric society" and the abuse of lobbies in every field of existence. He collaborates, as a marketing and startup expert, with important companies related to technological innovation and performs in lectio magistralis related to visionary marketing techniques and theories on business process improvement, with techniques tested and designed by him called Dream Marketing, Business Game, Independent Worker and Personal Poetry Branding. To this day, he has established bridges of cultural exchange between Italy-China and Italy-America and he is creating the basis for a diffusion of culture and artworks without borders.
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