Holy Cult works on the innovation of publishing, art, music and international movies production and distribution.
With more than 250 affiliates amongst professionals, artists, intellectuals and scientists.

Holy Cult guarantees a certification of the works introduced in its creation, diffusion and offer to the public circuits.




Holy Corp is a web agencies, audiovisual production companies and valuable professionals network that deals with the realisation of multimedial contents ( HD, 4K and VR videos, phototelling, storytelling) acting to certify the promotion of small medium and big enterprises’ products and services.

The network is distributed in Italy and in some European cities; for extra-European projects two strategic points are in Qingdao (China), Miami and New York (USA). A special team, lead by Luca Torzolini, travels all around the world to realise commercials, documentaries and films.

The goal is to supply the most efficient support to the client, starting from the elaboration of the project to the consignment of the complete video.

Besides the realisation of videos, Holy Corp uses creative platforms and websites based upon the new needs of social media marketing in order to distribute the produced videos and guarantee the best diffusion and the the highest degree of certification.




Holy Film is a platform allowing the vision of films, shortfilms, documentaries, theatrical performances, musical live shows and scientific or artistic tutorial certified by our distribution brand for the international interest they sometimes have on the technical side, sometimes on that of the topic and often in both.

We aim to create a movie archive of unique videos and culturally valuable films that can guarantee a high quality of vision for scholars, industry professionals or simply enthusiasts of D’Essai movie and art films.




Holy Record is a music distributor and record company. Starting from genres such as classical, folk and rock music, it goes through jazz and blues to arrive at reggae, electronic music and the most diverse musical and singing experimentations.

The selection of works takes place through a careful selection of the technical abilities of musicians and based on poetic, satirical or emotional levels the texts are able to evoke.




Holy Expo is an art gallery that organizes exhibitions in places that are considered suitable for both style and evocative power.

On the site people will be able to purchase artworks certified by publications, catalogs and critics by choosing between fine arts, fine arts limited edition or originals.




Holy Edit è una libreria online e casa editrice che punta alla creazione di un nuovo paradigma editoriale fondato sul talento degli autori e sul diritto del pubblico alla fruizione di capolavori normalmente censurati per la presenza di contenuti d’avanguardia, talvolta scandalosi o di difficile comprensione.

La casa editrice non accetta proposte dall’esterno e opera attraverso i propri talent scout la ricerca dei nuovi talenti affiancandoli a classici della letteratura o del fumetto o ad autori viventi già storicizzati.




Holy Eye is a magazine primarly revolving around culture and guarantees high quality information through accurate content selection.

Through Reportage, Interviews, Headlines, Focus and Reviews, Holy Eye provides a general overview of national and international artistic landscapes by exploring various cultural areas: cinema and video art, theater, music, literature and philosophy, history and current affairs, painting and sculpture, photography , comics, animation, video games, science and technology, food sciences, hobbies and sports.




Holy Clip is a site that deals with filtering high quality clips from free legal streaming of the web and reward them according to the merits found in the video on the various professional activities.

The will is to offer a platform that meets the needs of the end user.




Holy Fare is a noir food and wine guide set in the best Italian restaurants, inns and farms.

The aim is to create a guide to typical products and Italian culinary art by conducting reviews of meritocratic dining places and discovering raw materials, transformations and mixes in food and beverage processing systems.